Leaders determine culture. I want to tell you more about the Hire10 culture, so I will tell you a bit more about myself, and how I view business and life as a whole.

Culture is everything. I mean that. It's not lip service.

Culture is not company picnics or laser tag. Although those things are pretty cool! 

Culture, I believe, is the sum of all of your people, what they believe, and ultimately what they execute upon.

Here at Hire10 our core values are innovation, purpose, excellence, attitude, and last but not least kindness. You can read more about our values at: https://www.hire10.com/our-mission#values. Beyond those core values we share a lot more than values as a team. Here at Hire10 we have shared beliefs, a singular mission, and a common purpose. 

Personally, I believe that every person at Hire10 is valuable. I believe that they are a good person, who is honest, who works hard, deserves to be treated with respect, and deserves to have a team to execute with consistency and excellence. I believe we can all get better. I believe humility is key. I believe the moment you "make it" is the moment you starting "losing it". I believe that complacency, lack of grit, thin skin, not having a sense of urgency, and ultimately not caring about what you are doing will ruin your business and your career.

I also believe that we have an obligation to each other and the company at large. If we win, we will all share in the success. We will share in the prestige, the accolades, the money, and the ownership. If we fail, we will all share in the shame, the humiliation, and the heartache that is involved with loss. Losing isn't fun and I'm not good at it. That being said, I do fail. Often. That's okay. That's when I learn. If you ever want to be a massive success you will need to have a mountain of failures first. Sorry, it's inevitable. But don't worry, failures make us better, stronger, and ultimately, if we learn from them, more successful. 

A good team knows the mission. Our mission is simple: Deliver America's best construction talent. Period. That's where the brand comes from. Hire is what we do. 10 means the best. If you are ever unsure about a candidate, just ask yourself if he or she is a "10"? Do they meet the quality standards Hire10 has set forth? Do I consider them to be America's best construction talent? We deliver quality candidates above all else because we care about our clients and ultimately want to be successful at whatever we do. We bring our passion with us each and every day. We strive to get it right the first time.

Our vision is a big one. We WILL obtain it. Our vision is simply: To centralize the largest AEC recruiting workforce in the United States by 2030! I've built and sold a company once. We can do it again. This time we sell the company to ourselves first, then our kids, and eventually our grandkids via an ESOP. We are building a legacy for our children as well as an inheritance. A good person leaves an inheritance to their grandkids. Your career is your ticket to retirement. Pensions are all but dead. Aside from your retirement account, your career choice (and the company you select, the team you select, and the people you select) will be the single biggest determining factor in whether or not you get to retire, and if you get to enjoy retirement or live on a meager fixed income.

Now that we have defined our values, stated our mission, and laid out our vision, let's talk about individual success. I will tell you that being an individual success is not being the top producer. Usually the top producer has sacrificed a tremendous amount personally to get to the top position. True individual success has to be defined on an individual basis by each of us. I highly suggest creating a personal mission statement. It will help you to align your actions, activities, days, and nights to what you want to accomplish while you are still able to do so. We are all headed to the grave eventually, let's make our time here on earth count.

Here is a great Indeed article on creating a personal mission statement. My advice: make it short and sweet. Make it memorable. Commit it to memory, live it everyday. It's the litmus test for everything you do. It's the lens through which you will evaluate your life. 

As a CEO, and as a father, my personal mission statement is simply this: "To positively impact the life of every person I encounter through business success, charity, and sharing the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ."

Before I let you go, I have a few more items to share. These are things you will probably hear me say often. If I don't say them at the very least I will be thinking them.

1. "Living your passion" is a cliché, a false narrative. Hobbies aren't work. You don't follow your passion. You bring your passion with you. Here is a very important video to watch on the topic by the world famous Mike Rowe. 

2. The harder you work, the "luckier" you will get. Hard work solves a multitude of problems in both your personal and professional life. Forget the shortcuts. They are a waste of time. There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

3. Bring three solutions to every problem. 

4. Health is wealth. Take care of yourself. It's the only "you" that you will ever get.

5. Live by design, not by default. 

6. The biggest threat to your future success is your current success. Always maintain a positive attitude, always continue to strive. Always stay humble.

7. Respect everyone. Even if you think they don't deserve it. 

8. Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

9. If you will be dishonest in the small things, you will be dishonest with the big things. If you can't be trusted to execute on small tasks, you will never be entrusted with the larger ones.

10. Be careful what you feed your mind. What you watch, what you read, and who is in your social circle. Those thoughts and ideas become actions. To be a success your thoughts and actions must align with your goals. Your goals combined should be a roadmap that aligns you with your vision and ultimatley your life's purpose. If you don't have a vision, you need one...today.

Hope this has helped you in some way. Thank you for taking the time read this post. Take care.