We've grown, we've shrunk, and now we are bigger than ever!

Written by: Ken Brown, Founder/President/CEO of Hire10

This won't be a long post, I swear. After selling my technology recruiting business back in 2016 I ventured out to do something new. Something bigger than 65 people, more polished, a more professional organization, with better processes, better health benefits, better people, and a more serious outlook on the recruiting business. Well folks, we’ve done it. I mean…we’re not exactly what we want to be (we probably never will be) but we’re well off to the races, that’s for sure. It's 2024 and we’re doing everything I mentioned, and then some. Over 150 clients in the United States, with client revenues exceeding $75B, and the best team I have ever had the pleasure of working with! I can honestly say I absolutely love where we are as a company and what we are doing. Our future is bright and there is an unmistakable electricity in the air each morning when we login to our video calls. That's right, I forgot to mention - we are 100% virtual now and we are loving it!!!

The work we do matters to us because it matters to our clients and we take it seriously. That is not just a talking point. We mean it! We pour over our candidates and their qualifications. We strive to really bring value and when a candidate is subpar, we do the hard work of eliminating them from processes. Trust me, eliminating a mediocre candidate is the hardest thing you will ever do as a recruiter. It requires mental and emotional discipline.

Anyways, I want to talk about the picture above for a moment. This is Jose. Jose recently joined our team and despite numerous personal and career setbacks he has found a way to thrive at Hire10. As a reward for his early success we went out for the food of Jose's naitve land: Peru. We went to dinner in one of Jose's favorite things: a Lamborghini. That's right, Hire10 got Jose a Lamborghini for the night as a Thank You for all of his hard work and to show him that we are paying attention, we care, and we look forward to his very bright future at Hire10.

Overall, this jouney hasn’t been easy. Most days aren’t. Most days are more of a struggle than they are a success. Some days I work 15 hours or more. However all of the hard work and sacrifice do make the victories that much sweeter! Everyone is running a million miles an hour, deals fall apart, and sometimes clients are downright tough to work with! Startups aren’t perfect or easy. Business in general never is. But all in all, I wouldn’t trade this journey with this incredible group of people for anything. It’s an honor to serve them as their leader and I wouldn’t give up a single day for a coushy corporate gig. I guess I like the excitement at work. It makes you feel alive. We’re headed for greatness. We’re going to be the household name in Construction Management recruiting. We’re going to be the preferred recruiting partner for the best developers and general contractors on earth. I'm sure of it. 

About ME: I'm a Construction Management recruiter, and CEO of Hire10 (www.hire10.com) based in Winter Park, FL. If you are hiring or are a job seeker for Construction Management, Architecture, or Engineering - we would love to help you! Please don't hesitate to reach out and get the conversation started. We can talk business, recruiting, life, or whatever you like! EMAIL: ken@hire10.net

IF you are a recruiter looking for a new home and you want to be treated with respect, managed like an executive, and to gain access to our prestigious 65 billion dollar client list, reach out to me personally. If you can figure out how to get me on the phone, you have passed the first gauntlet of the interview. Good luck!