Great advice for taking care of yourself.

The path to success itself a misnomer. While it is technically a path, it is often a treacherous path typically having a steep incline and a steep decline at certain points in the journey. I believe that is why the term “ladder to success” seems to be more commonplace. The term "path" conjures visuals of somebody strolling on flat level ground barely exerting themselves going down something paved, or at the very least well cleared. Success often requires more of us than we have to give. It is often uncharted. Success requires, at least in my own personal experience, operating at a very high level, giving the work at hand everything that I've got, maintaining a positive attitude - even when everything is saying that I should not remain positive - and honestly - success just requires grit. The reason most people are not successful, I believe, is because they quit when things are tough. If you never quit, you can never fail. To help you along your journey to success I would like to share with you three personal rules I tend to live by:

  1. Advise yourself as you would your very best friend. I cannot take credit for this strategy as it is an adaptation from Jordan Peterson's book The 12 rules for life. Oftentimes when I am consulting others on dilemmas and I ask them a very simple question, the response is usually quite simple as well. I ask them simply this "if your best friend was in this exact same situation what would you advise them? " and the answer is always the same. The advice rolls off the tongue in an almost effortless fashion. I always follow up by saying this is the advice that you should take. For whatever reason we do not give ourselves as much grace, care, concern, or favor as we should. People will oftentimes treat themselves worse than they would treat others. Start treating yourself like somebody you really care about and things will improve dramatically for you. You will start to make wise choices, exert discipline, and delay gratification.
  2. Don’t quit on yourself, just take a break. - Can you imagine if every time an NFL player got hurt or had a severe injury requiring surgery they automatically quit and started doing something else? As an outsider looking in we tend to think that would be crazy or outlandish behavior. But that is what we see people do in the corporate world every single day. Hit a roadblock, quit. Not making progress fast enough? Quit. The main difference between millionaires and everyone else is not intelligence, it’s grit. Millionaires have a grit and a resilience that most do not possess. You don’t have to run your own business or work 100 hours per week to be successful. Just become an expert at your craft. You can apply the 10,000 hour rule. Become an expert, the value will follow. And on that journey of 10,000 hours, celebrate the small victories and take a break when you are weary and feel like quitting. You probably don't need to quit - you are probably just low on energy. Take a break once in a while!
  3. Remember your why. Another strategy I use to stay charging down the path of life is to remember why I do what I do. In the low moments, and the alone moments, your purpose will pick you back up and give you a burst of energy - should your "why" be something that connects with you on a deeper level. Your "why" will motivate you when nothing else will.

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