High performers wanted!

Admittedly this blog post is aimed at recruiting YOU, my fellow construction management recruiter!

Many people try their hand at recruiting. The majority of those people concede their recruiting careers in defeat and move on to easier roles in business development and talent acquisition. But for those of you who can power through and find success in our industry we believe you should be handsomely rewarded for your efforts. 

Recruiting is equal parts personal performance and team sport. Can a two man shop in a garage do well recruiting, sure they can. Can they do better if they are on a 30 person team generating leads, flipping and splitting deals, and signing new accounts every day, of course. It’s why armies don’t go to war with two people on the front lines. They go with an army. If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. The strength of your team will ultimately determine your success long term. A strong team protects you during slow months and tough economies.

Does your company have a track record of success? We do.

Does your company pay over 50% of revenue in the form of salary, commission, and benefits? We do.

Does your company match 401k? We do.

Does your company offer equity and profit sharing? We do. 

Instead of making a bunch of bloated, out-of-touch executives (many of whom are strangers to you) rich at a massive company, while you get 5-10% commission, bring your talents to an innovative 6 year old company with an excellent growth trajectory and a scrappy start-up mentality. 

Want to have fun every day in a killer office? Come work here.

Want to work remotely 100%? Come work here.

Want to be handsomely rewarded for your efforts? Come work here.

Want to take one more job and never have to look for work ever again? Come work here.

Want a job that provides unlimited PTO and puts family first? Come work here.

Want a company concerned with substance and not empty “Best places to work” awards? Come work here.

Want to do direct placement and not temp or temp-to-hire? Come work here.

Want a national territory and to not be confined to recruiting your local or regional markets? Come work here.

Want a leader who inspires you and recruits every single month just like you? Come work here.

Want to work a half day every Friday? Come work here.

Want to be off work from Christmas to New Years? Come work here.

Want a place to call home where you can influence policy and processes? Come work here.

Want a place where you can advance through the organization without politics or competing with hundreds of other internal applicants? Come work here.

We are currently hiring proven producers with at least 300k in verifiable direct placement sales, excellent tenure, a winning attitude, and a focus on personal and team performance. We can and will make you a stronger offer than what you make today.

If this sounds like you, please text me directly at 407-591-1970, Ken Brown, President & CEO.